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Join us for a rich dialogue with Beena Sharma
Tailor Your Coaching to Facilitate Vertical Development

Dive Deeper Into Your Questions About Vertical Development!

VeDA’s mission is to make vertical development relevant, practical, accessible, and applicable for individuals and organizations.

The vertical development lens can add a unique and powerful approach to the capabilities of any coach or leader invested in real development, not just acquisition of information or skills. As a coach or a leader, how do you know which approach, interventions, or tools to use with a particular client or team member to support their development?

A deep understanding of how individuals grow through various stages of maturity can equip you to make fine-tuned determinations of what tools and practices would most serve your client in their evolutionary journey. This is exactly the purpose of the 9-month Maturity Coaching Intensive (MCI). The MCI is designed to equip you as a coach to fine-tune your coaching in very powerful ways that set your client up for “vertical” growth.

Join us for a Q&A dialogue with Beena Sharma

If you had a chance to participate in one or more of our recent Taste of MCI workshops, thank you for taking the time! VeDA now offers you two more opportunities to interact and dive a bit deeper into the questions you may be holding in regard to your own vertical development or how to bring the Leadership Maturity Framework into service of your clients’ growth.

Bring your thoughts, questions, and insights and join us! We look forward to creating new understandings and gaining new insights about how we all grow into more expansive perspective-taking as we navigate our day-to-day life as well as the discontinuities and surprises that life opens up for us every now and then!

Missed a Workshop?

If you did not have the chance to attend one of our free workshops, please take a few minutes to learn the basics of our approach to measuring and facilitating vertical development here:

Watch Beena Sharma’s Session at Fielding University


We welcome you to join the free Q&A sessions after viewing the video above! In the Q&A sessions you will have the opportunity to surface the questions that came up for you as you watched the overview.

Meet Your Facilitator

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Beena Sharma

President of Vertical Development Academy

Join Beena Sharma in this exploration into the foundations of coaching for Leadership Maturity. She brings 31 years of experience in facilitating human and organizational development. She is committed to designing and delivering exceptional programs to build deep capability in individuals and organizations who are dedicated to evolving and creating a sustainable future for all.

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Q&A Dialogue: 
What are the implications of the Coach’s stage of development, and its impact on their coaching?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM US Pacific / 10:00 PM- 11:15 PM CEST

In this session we will focus on the implications of the vertical development framework for coaches themselves. What is the impact of the coach’s stage of development? What is the miss if we ignore the coach’s stage of development?

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Serving Coaches, Leaders & Organizations for 30 Years

VeDA has served coaches, leaders, teams, and organizations for 30 years. We carry deep expertise in the area of assessing the stage of vertical development of adults and supporting their ongoing growth through tailored coaching.

VeDA’s Maturity Coaching Intensive (MCI) is designed for experienced and credentialed coaches who want to learn how to powerfully facilitate vertical development for their clients.

This 9-month program will equip practicing coaches with the skills and capabilities to deliver coaching that is tailored to the stages of ego maturity, based on the rigorously researched Leadership Maturity Framework and using VeDA’s powerful Maturity Coaching methodology.

For more program description and details about our Maturity Coaching Intensive program, please visit the MCI Program page.

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